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Calm Sea
Her Courage Rises BC Yukon Book Prize.jpg

BC Yukon Book prize nominee

A beautifully illustrated collection of inspiring life stories of fifty extraordinary historical women from BC and Yukon.

This fascinating, informative, and charming book introduces young readers to a diverse group of women who changed the face of history in unexpected ways and defied the expectations and gender norms of their times. Through charming illustrations and concise biographies, Her Courage Rises features social activists and politicians, artists and writers, scientists and healers, pioneers and prospectors, athletes and entrepreneurs, teachers and cultural tradition keepers.

Her Courage Rises is full of inspirational female role models and insights into the trailblazing women who made history in BC and Yukon.


After a tragic coal mine accident and the loss of her husband, Hannah discovers a box under her bed containing a useful device that may save her,her three children, and her beloved home.


But being a female business owner in frontier era British Columbia is harder than she expected and she may have to risk everything, including her dignity, to do it. Will the payoff be worth it? Or will she be forever filled with regret?

Set on an island in British Columbia, Immortal Grit is an inspiring tale of adversity, resilience, and the extraordinary way two women help each other despite over a century of time between them.

FAF cover.jpg

In this fascinating follow-up to On Their Own Terms, author Haley Healey chronicles the lives of a whole new crop of resilient, hard-working, rule-breaking, diverse women who lived on and around Vancouver Island.


Flourishing and Free introduces readers to Sylvia Stark, who was born into slavery in Missouri and went on to become a homesteader on Salt Spring Island; Mary Ann Croft, the first female lighthouse keeper in all of Canada; Victoria Chung, the first Asian-Canadian person to earn a medical degree, who provided urgent care during the Second World War; Barbara Touchie (Sičquuʔuƛ), who dedicated forty years of her life to revitalizing and sharing the Nuu-chah-nulth language; Minnie Paterson, who completed an epic night hike through a west coast storm to rescue sailors shipwrecked on a tempestuous shoreline known as the "Graveyard of the Pacific"; and many more.


Uplifting, empowering, and entertaining, this concise collection of stories will appeal to anyone interested in learning more about the unsung heroines of the West Coast.

A fascinating collection of concise stories about seventeen courageous, independent, and diverse women who shaped the history of Vancouver Island.

On Their Own Terms will delight and empower anyone looking for true stories of nineteenth- and twentieth-century women who confronted uncertainty, challenged gender norms, and excelled in their respective vocations.


Whether you're an entrepreneur, an educator, a rebellious spirit, or an armchair adventurer, these incredible women who thrived on Vancouver Island will captivate you.

BC Bestseller

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